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Diversity and inclusion 10 Courses 110Min

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As the importance of diversity and inclusion is becoming clearer by the day, it’s crucial to understand why diversity and inclusion practices in the workplace are vital, and how they can positively impact everyone. Diversity and inclusion practices are important for everyone to know: from the managers and leaders that design and deploy these practices, to the rest of the teams that need to understand and follow them.

In this collection of courses all your staff will learn about recognizing privilege, they will understand the concept of unconscious bias, and learn about the various types of discrimination and how to confront it. Business managers and leaders will learn why inclusion in the workplace is so important and how to become inclusive leaders. The collection also features courses on LGBTQ+ awareness and inclusion and gender inclusion. Each course in this collection takes 15 minutes or less to complete, making it easier for your workforce to break their training into more manageable pieces.

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