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Cybersecurity Essentials 36 Courses

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Cybersecurity Training Essentials

36 lessons

Collection Overview

Cybersecurity training; why is everyone talking about it? Life has changed dramatically since our use of technology has increased. Unfortunately, what it means to be “stolen from” has changed as well. By stealing data, thieves can access personal profiles, credit cards, bank accounts, or even sensitive organizational information. But fear not, there are ways to protect yourself.

This collection of cybersecurity courses will teach you about the ways your company may be vulnerable to data thieves, and what you can do to best protect it. These online courses discuss the importance of strong passwords, how to keep data and mobile phones safe, and how to prevent viruses and malware from destroying your company devices.

A company data breach could cost millions of dollars and jeopardize the entire business. Investing in cybersecurity awareness training for employees is important for every team member, and taking these short courses could save you an enormous amount of time and money in the long run.

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